Friday, August 15, 2014

Bio-Based Non-Petroleum Nano Motor Oil

We tested NanoSave N1 Organic on an old 1996 ISUZU RODEO with over 200K Miles. The SUV was making a lot of clicks and clacks from being overheated after the loos of the water pump. We changed the filter and oil using NanoSave n1 Organic. The engine immediately stopped making noise and sounded like a sowing machine, smooth as glass. The engine also ran at lower temp and never would get as hot as before. The engine just got better and better over the first few hundred miles. The real kicker is that the stuff is made from a blend of bio-degradable all natural oils. NanoSave has blended in their Tungsten NanoSpheres to make everything slick and greatly reduce the friction of all moving engine parts. Below is a blurb from the bottle.

NanoSave N1 ORGANIC with Nano-Shield is a Nano Engineered Bio Based High Performance Engine Oil. NanoSave N1 ORGANIC is built with our Patented nanotechnology. Our advanced Nano Process was developed by a highly skilled team of Chemists considered for the Nobel Prize. Tungsten Nano-Spheres create a thin lubricating layer of rolling Nano-particles on the surface of engine parts. This Nano-layer creates a unique triple effect, it reduces friction due to the rolling action of the Nano-particles, reduces wear benefiting from the special Nano-Shield that is formed, and NanoSave N1 ORGANIC resurfaces worn and brazed areas extending engine life. Environmentally Friendly Motor Oil.

Other Main Benefits
- Decreases wear
- Decreases emissions
- Prolongs engine life
- Decreases engine noise



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