Sunday, August 12, 2012

NanoSave N1 Ultra High Performance Motor Oils

Daytona Florida USA
N1 Technologies Intros Nano Tech Engine Oil and Lubes. The national Technology marketing and manufacturing firm just announced its latest idea in product marketing. NanoSave N1 is an innovative new series of motor oils and lubes that increase mileage, reduce heat and prevent wear by forming a super smooth protective shield around all moving engine parts with advanced Nano Technology.

NanoSave N1 is able to perform in this way because of the addition of Tungsten Nano spheres to the oil. These nano-particles because of their circular shape provide a rolling mechanism as the oil moves over the engine parts and that cuts down on the wear of those parts and helps save gas by greatly reducing friction in the process.

According to the executives at N1 Technologies, NanoSave N1 is the world's first commercial lubricant additive that reduces high load level friction and wear. The engineering of this new type of lubricant is the result of the collaboration of a team of chemists considered for the Nobel Prize. Extensive evaluation of the product has proven that NanoSave N1 does indeed reduce friction, wear and temperature significantly better than other solid lubricants. One very unique feature of the NanoSave N1 brand of lubricants is their ability to prolong the operation and engine service life of any vehicle by providing a thin and protective film that slips into the rough and creviced metal surfaces of the engine parts. This film is released by the nanoparticles that make NanoSave N1 so revolutionary. NanoShield is the term for this unique protective film.

NanoSave N1 is available now and will be sold as an Oil additive and lube booster in the forms of motor oil, Bearing lubes and transmission fluid additives. Those interested in learning more about N1 Technologies and this innovative new lubricant can visit the website. The company is also on Facebook and Twitter.

About The Company

N1 Technologies was founded in 1997 and is a leader in product development and marketing services. N1 Technologies is a pioneer in the development of Nano Engineered Ultra High Performance Motor Oils and Lubes. 


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NanoSave N1 is currently available for sale via
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